Services we are proud of

We at SYS Production believe that it is not about the quantity of services one has, but it is more about how one uses those services to convey an idea in the best way, shape and form. Having that said, we are more than happy about our comprehensive set of high-tech tools that have helped us give sundry ideas the brilliance of eternal life.

Film production

From 15-second bumpers to films on the silver screen, we at SYS Production work to entertain, educate and enthuse our audiences with creative ideas that hit home whether that entails a hearty chuckle or familiarity that warms one’s heart. Apart from our professionalism and commitment to excellence, we at SYS Productions have a significant edge over the competition as we have first-hand cultural knowledge of Kuwait as well as other Middle Eastern countries due to our personal experience, background and awareness.
– TV commercials
– Documentary films
– Digital non-linear editing
– Special effects
– Broadcast

Video & animation

Fueled by innovation and its innate thirst for something new, SYS Production preceded the market by branching out into the realm of animation. Our high-end animation services suit any type of digital products including feature films, video games, TV commercials and more including the following tools that aid us in perfectly crafting a story around our clients’ products and services:
– High Impact Graphics
– CGI – Renderings, 3D animation and design visualization.

Audio & music

Body: Known as the theater of the mind, radio remains a thriving medium in the region due to the popularity of entertaining radio programs and music shows. Since people from different backgrounds and ages still tune in, SYS Production has in turn enhanced its audio and music division by providing a suite of creative, comprehensive tools that realize audio-based ideas from the very start to the final stages. From simple radio spots to the writing of exclusive jingles and songs, we at SYS Production provide your company with innovative channels to communicate your message in the most engaging and memorable manner. In addition to the above, we also offer the following services:
– Voice dubbing
– Radio
– Audio SFX